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Karen or Miss Karebear aka Karebelle.  Dancing and singing since the first year on earth. Immersed in learning many technical dance styles since 1985. Teaching and facilitating all sorts of stylistic dance classes since 1996. Performing and choreographing professional shows since 2000. Teaching group fitness classes since 2003. Founding and running Kmotion dance business, since 2010. Continuing to enjoy sharing knowledge and experience in dance and fitness based workshops and presentations in and around Alberta. 

I’ve also had the great pleasure of traveling to teach and perform in countries across the continent and across the oceans, including in Mexico, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, and the USA. 

I truly believe dancing is a most direct conversation between the physical world and a soul. I believe that it is an essential to developing personal clarity and creativity through bodily expression and sensation, and is a powerful ally to a holistic and healthy life :)

Please contact for any questions or information about:

  • classes
  • performances
  • speaking engagements
  • artist residencies
  • production choreography 
  • workshops 
  • wedding dance sessions  
  • private lessons

Information on aGoGo, Calgary’s premier quirky dance & flow artist logo troupe: https://www.facebook.com/agogo.dancers/

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"You are the you universe in ecstatic motion" - Rumi.

Tutorial&performance videos www.youtube.com/user/misskarbear

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